Malt barley farmers - Proximity supplies New Story Brewing in Tulsa, OK

What’s Malted Matters.

Beer’s traditionally made with just four simple ingredients: water, grain, hops, and yeast. While it might sound simple, the quality and consistency of each part are key to making a solid, consistent brew. “At New Story, we want to design our beers to a high standard and more consistent base, which is why we were drawn to Proximity Malts in Monte Vista, Colorado,” – said Head Brewmaster Jordan O’Dell.

Nestled in the heart of the San Luis Valley, halfway between Denver and Albuquerque, Proximity works with local farmers there that have been growing exceptional quality malting barley and other grains for generations. Proximity is a family-based, private maltster that has a track record of providing sustainable, high-quality malted grains to breweries and distilleries.

We’re excited to partner with Proximity because sourcing here not only helps continue to sustain farming in our region but leverages some of the most advanced processes to select and roast grains, which we can trust to build our recipes on.

“We are a young company in a legacy industry, inspired to exceed standards with better customer service, transparency, and a more sustainable model by providing direct delivery and owning the entire process! We are very excited to work with New Story to be their support for years to come,” said AJ Gambino, Proximity Senior Sales Manager.

New Story will install a 30 ft silo at its new brewery facility in downtown Tulsa later this fall, relying on Proximity to source one of its most important ingredients. “While malting takes simple, high-quality grain through a complex process, the outcome that mattered most boiled down to quality, relationship, and consistency,” said James Schellhorn, New Story Brewing President.

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