New Story. New Brewery to Tulsa.

New Story Brewing is excited to announce its partnership with W Design, a Tulsa-based architecture firm, today. “We’ve been working hand-in-hand with Shane Hood, project lead, for six months now and are pleased to release our new look to the world finally,” said New Story Brewing founder James Schellhorn.

The plan is to revitalize a turn-of-the-century rail-side warehouse facility, which sits at the historical crossroad of Greenwood and 4th St, in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. “This property is such a rare find and really an ideal location for our brewery,” said James. “The revitalization of dormant or private buildings in downtown Tulsa is an opportunity to infuse them with the spirit of our dreams, passions, and stories. Beyond physical restoration, these public spaces hold the power to transcend their architectural boundaries, becoming catalysts for social cohesion, economic growth, and cultural vitality – places where Tulsans will come together to celebrate, explore, and create lasting memories,” said Shane Hood of W Design.

The property will boast a spacious outdoor deck, bar, and game area, providing an ideal view of the downtown skyline under a west-facing sunset. Inside, its +11,000 sqft facade will include a full taproom, restaurant, and a brewing facility ready to make thousands of barrels of beer annually.

With design work nearly complete and permits submitted, New Story is gearing up for a busy summer, with hopes to open the taproom in late fall! Until then, the New Story team is working on a plan to start beer production and distribution early, so look out for taps in your favorite bar or restaurant later this summer.

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